Patient-Centric Regulatory Affairs & Policy


Dr. Carrie M. Kuehn


Improving patient lives by providing expertise in patient engagement, FDA regulatory affairs, and advocacy for patient-centric regulatory policy.


Thank you for your interest in my consulting work! I am passionate about attacking complex problems where medicine, public health, and law intersect. I have a diverse background and over 20 years of experience in epidemiology, medicine, FDA regulatory affairs and patient-focused policy. My training and education give me a strong foundation in science, medicine, statistics, law, and policy. In practice, I have applied my skills and expertise to the conduct of observational research, the application of FDA regulatory affairs to the medical products industry, and the development of, and advocacy for, patient engagement regulatory policy.

I am valued for my ability to simplify complex, multidisciplinary problems into a cohesive strategy that leads to efficient solutions. I am an accomplished researcher with exceptional written communication skills, having published in the areas of public health, regulatory affairs, and patient engagement policy. In adversarial situations, I have provided medical device sponsors and their defense counsel with consulting and testifying expert testimony in state and federal court in support of litigation as a FDA regulatory expert.

As part-time faculty with the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University’s Regulatory Affairs Graduate program, I have the privilege of preparing the next generation of patient-focused regulatory professionals.

Contact me to determine how I can best apply my adaptable skill set to address the complex issues you may be facing in your efforts to improve patient lives around the world.

You can find a copy of my curriculum vitae here. I look forward hearing from you!

Dr. Carrie M. Kuehn, Principal Consultant

Dr. Carrie M. Kuehn, Principal Consultant


Doctor of Law and Policy

Dissertation: Role of Patient Advocacy Stakeholders in Science‐based Regulatory Policy at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Boston, MA, Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies

Regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC), U.S. Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs (2011-2019)

Certificate in U.S. Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Regulatory Affairs. Rockville, MD. Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS)

Master of Public Health, Epidemiology

Thesis: Birth Malformations and Residential Proximity to Hazardous Waste Sites in Washington State. Seattle, WA, University of Washington, School of Public Health

Master of Arts, Biocultural Anthropology

Thesis: Dermatoglyphic Asymmetry and Handedness in Individuals Exposed to Alcohol Prenatally. Seattle, WA, University of Washington, Department of Anthropology

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology

Seattle, WA, University of Washington, Department of Anthropology


Selected Publications

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Book Chapters

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